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Our project relies on feminist hacking as an art-based research method. Feminist hacking involves a intensive knowledge-sharing process, through workshops and other forms of exchange. Feminis hacking is structured around breaking with feminine gender scripts, transgressing gender norms and embracing technological challenges.

This usually involves disassembling electronic devices on purpose, with the intention of learning and understanding, but also reassembling, them into something els and creating art. It implements recycled hardware and it is informed by critical making. Feminist hacking is about developing artistic technology, based on open hardware, from a queer and female perspective.
We define our approach as qualitative and from
the genre of research-in-action within an iterative and spiral course. Our method is empirically based, all steps and findings are hacked, discussed, reflected, reconsidered, re-hacked and re-discussed.
We aim to harness open hardware for non-binary, queer and feminist artists, and to enable
unorthodox alliances.
We believe the development of individual positions through collaboratively developed hardware to be the most appropriate way to demonstrate what feminist hardware entails. This methodology aims to support, on the one hand, the production of new knowledge acquainted by the interaction between artists, hardware developers/manufacturers, and, on the other, the production presentation and dissemination of artworks and reflections resulting from this exchange.