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Feminist hacking is an artistic research project located within Central European context, but extending and tinkering internationally – well beyond its geopolitical and technocultural borders.

We define feminist hacking as a method of thinking and doing art, science and technology in an emancipatory, self-organized, decolonial, anti-racist and empathetic way. As female* artists and hackers, we experiment, create and share knowledge, tools and hardware which challenge the structures and the workings of intersectional oppression.

Keeping in mind the exclusivity and privilege associated with the dominant and institutional Eurocentric philosophies, critiques and technoscientific discourses, and the inevitability of the representative traps, we nevertheless want to highlight the importance of and offer a platform for the articulation of knowledge(s) and skills elicited in grassroots DIY, DIWO* and DIA* movements within hacking and activist communities, including the indigenous practices and narratives. Most importantly, we want to reclaim the joy and pleasure of exercising curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and humor through technologies.

Hence, we present here our 'abracadabra' — a processual vocabulary and toolkit of concepts, terms and anecdotes we study, work and think with, that we would like to reflect on and share with peers, collaborators and anyone who wants to explore and possibly engage in an open conversation about with us.

Hacking (key hypotheses _ working-in-progress):


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(According with HARAWAY: "Sym: together-with; bio: the way living critters do it; and, genesis: this is the way the beginnings worked. These are connections that make cobbled-together, still-hungry-for-affiliation beings that can never be wholes.The origin of the modern cell is a symbiogenetic event."(in interview Davis&Turpin, 261)