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Seyram Avle

Assistant Professor Seyram Avle contributes keyexpertise in technology cultures in the global south. Avle studies situated practices and discourses of digital technology cultures and innovation in the global south.
She is particularly interested in the ways that digital technologies are designed, produced, and
distributed transnationally in and across the global south and through collaborations with the globa north. Her most recent project, funded by the NSF, examines tech entrepreneurial cultures and innovation between China, Ghana, and Silicon Valley.


(translated to eng: fair traded soldering )
FairLötet is a civil society
organisation focusing on social issues in the life cycle of electronics products. FairLötet seeks to directly work with producers of electronics and related products and provide counsel regarding risks and possible improvements in products’ supply chains. This is evidenced by the development of a solder wire product designed/made sustainably form recycled metals. It is used in the fair trade
PC mouse (Nager IT). They give workshops on how to build this mouse and distribute their solder
wire through the largest Austrian and German Electronics Chain: Conrad.

Christoph Veigl

Christoph Veigl works with robotics for building assistive technologies. Veigl joined the Techniku Wien Embedded Systems Department in Sept. 2007, his major activities there are research and
development in der area of Assistive Technologies as well as management and teaching activities
in the Biomedical Engineering Group.